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SmgCat's gameplay for Neverwinter Nights II (PC)

SmgCat played Neverwinter Nights II

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SmgCat said...
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Last session of NWN2 OC for my little druid-monk today. Between blowing up bridges and fighting off the king of shadow's army there was not much time to restock or buy new equipment. Of course when finally everyone was sent off to the KoS' fortress I had forgot to get more medi kits and potions before we left and didn't notice that until the shadow reaver fight. The team managed ok in the final fight even with Bishop running off, Neeska bewitched by Garius and that silly sorcerer girl siding with Garius because she didn't like Sand (yes awesome reason: "I don't like this guy so the whole world should just die" :p). So yea... world saved, rocks fall.... To Be Continued in MotB. Oh and the voiceover for the ending slides makes me laugh every time. I wonder who did the vo there... maybe he would rather stay unknown, lol.
Neverwinter Nights II

Neverwinter Nights II (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 31/OCT/06
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Congratulations! :)
@Greeny4432 Thanks *bows*
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